Regenerative stem cell therapy is one of the latest treatments to be shown effective for helping the body to restore, repair and regenerate damaged tissue in pets. In veterinary medicine, this therapy is primarily used to treat arthritic animals, and for those with tendon and ligament injuries. Recent studies report that more than 80% of dogs with arthritis who are treated with regenerative stem cell therapy show improved quality of life.

Our own Dr. Andreana Lim became credentialed to perform VetStem Regenerative Cell Therapy in 2017. The treatment involves harvesting stem cells from a patient’s fatty tissue and injecting these cells back into the affected area on this same patient. Once implanted, these cells move to the inflamed or damaged tissue and help reduce inflammation, relieve pain and cause new tissue to grow—or “regenerate”.

While there are very few side effects from this treatment, pets may need to be anesthetized for the injection, depending upon the location of the affected area.

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