Spay & Neuter

Spay & Neuter

Want to prevent your dog from that embarrassing “humping” behavior when guests come over? Do you want to eliminate your cat’s risk of ovarian cancer? By spaying and neutering your pet, you can! Spaying and neutering are two of the most common soft tissue surgeries we perform here at McGrath Veterinary Center, and for good reasons. In addition to reducing pet overpopulation, these procedures can lengthen a pet’s lifespan by eliminating the risk of various health problems.

All spay and neuter surgeries are performed in a sterile surgical suite, designed around the safety and comfort of our patients. We use advanced monitoring equipment and customized anesthesia protocols, and a board-certified surgeon conducts all procedures. For your pet’s added comfort, continuously monitor all of our patient’s vital signs and provide heated tables and warming pads. Your pets are in the very best care at McGrath Veterinary Center.


Having your pet spayed/neutered can provide many benefits for them, for you, and even the community, including:

  • Reduces the excess pet population*
  • Helps pets live longer, healthier lives by reducing or eliminating the risk of certain health problems
  • Eliminates desire to roam (males and females)
  • Decreases risk of ovarian cancers and mammary gland tumors (females)
  • Eliminates heat cycles (females)
  • Reduces marking, humping, aggression, and other unwanted or embarrassing behaviors (males)
  • Decreases risk of testicular cancer and prostate problems (males)

*Even if puppies and kittens find loving homes, many of them still end up in animal shelters later down the road for various reasons. Sadly, not every shelter in the U.S. has a no-kill policy, so hundreds of pets have to be euthanized if they are not adopted by a certain time.


The exact age range that we recommend spaying and neutering are dependent on breed. When you bring your puppy or kitten to our hospital for the first time, we’ll let you know at what age we recommend that you spay/neuter them. Give us a call at 818-796-4550 to schedule your pet’s spay or neuter surgery here in Sherman Oaks. We look forward to seeing you both!