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We believe that the passion, experience and dedication of our team is the true McGrath Veterinary Center difference.

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Our Veterinarians

Our Veterinarians

Brian McGrath, DVM

Owner, Medical Director

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Grace Song, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

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Michelle Miller, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

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Our Services

  • Wellness Care

    When it comes to pets, the best way to treat an illness is to prevent it from ever developing. That ...

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  • Urgent Care & ER

    Priority Level 1 – Critical and requires immediate and lifesaving medical care. Priority Level...

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  • Diagnostics

    Veterinary Center in Sherman Oaks has a full range of advanced diagnostic services available to exam...

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  • Spay & Neuter

    Want to prevent your dog from that embarrassing “humping” behavior when guests come over? Do you...

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  • Surgery

    As a full-service pet hospital, McGrath Veterinary Center offers more than just preventive and diagn...

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  • Dental Care

    Wouldn’t it be nice if pets could brush their own teeth? Since this obviously isn’t possible, it...

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  • Laser Therapy

    It’s never easy to see your pet in pain. At McGrath Veterinary Center, we are committed to doi...

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  • VetStem Cell Therapy

    Regenerative stem cell therapy is one of the latest treatments to be shown effective for helping the...

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My experience with McGrath is always amazing! My dog and I always feel so welcome as soon as we walk through the door. Every person who works here truly cares about the animal patients and human parents. Could not recommend this place more! 

Neguisa Bostani

As a former veterinarian here, I can say without a doubt that they practice absolutely top-notch medicine. The technical staff is very highly educated and trained which makes all procedures safer than minimally trained staff. There is a strong culture of working with owners to ensure their furry family members get the best care within the constraints of things that may be going on in someone's life outside of the pet's illness. The staff is treated very well and they all absolutely love animals. I had to leave for personal reasons but they are definitely one of the best places to get veterinary care in Los Angeles. Highly recommended for routine care or anything complicated.

Dr. Moon

EXCELLENT Veterinary Center! I've been several times with both of my dogs, and each time it's been great. The vets are always knowledgeable and take time explaining what could be wrong. They don't jump to conclusions nor do they do unnecessary tests. They are very upfront about levels of care and what people can afford. One thing I like is it's pretty easy to get an appointment as they have several vets on staff. I've interacted with at least 4 separate vets, and they all were great. I would highly recommend making this place your vet of choice.

Justin Welches

McGrath Veterinary Center strives to ensure that its services are accessible to people with disabilities. To view and accept our accessibility statement. Click Here